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Your Personal Postie,
Dirk van der Torre

How do you get our mail to us?

We use Australia Post to send your mail to you.

Postage costs will be drawn from your Postage Fund. See our Rates & services Page.

Our envelopes are readily identifiable by the orange stripes printed across the face.

Generally all mail will be forwarded in a heavy duty C4 envelope which will hold up to about 15 standard DL letters. Smaller quantities of mail may be forwarded in a smaller envelope, such as a DLX or C5 envelope. There is not much sense in you paying the postage on a large envelope when we are only sending you a couple of standard DL letters!

Larger items will be boxed/wrapped appropriately. This ensures that the cheapest possible postage rate is obtained.


A quick guide to envelope sizing:
Envelope Width Length
DL 110mm 220mm
DLX 125mm 235mm
C5 162mm 229mm
C4 229mm 324mm
What is a “Postage Fund”?

All customers must lodge a “Postage Fund”. This is used to pay for the postage and handling fees incurred when we send your mail to you.

Amounts vary so please check them out on our Rates & services Page.

Upon completion of our service to you we will refund any unused portion of the “Postage Fund”. Each month or the closest delivery to this we will send you a Statement showing all disbursements for your records.

If the “Postage Fund” gets down to $15 we will remind you to top it up to the required amount, or you can top up at any time online.

You can top up the “Postage Fund”:

  • online by logging to “My Account” and following the prompts from “Payment Details”;
  • by EFT (electronic funds transfer) directly to our account; or
  • send us a cheque/Money Order.

For an envelope up to C4 size, weighing up to 500g and less than 20mm thick or any parcel weighing up to 250g, a flat $2 handling fee will be charged.  Any other item deemed by Australia Post to be a parcel and weighing over 250g will incur a handling fee of 40% of the actual postage cost.  This fee applies to each envelope/parcel dispatched.

How do I find the location for Post Offices throughout Australia?

The number of Post Offices throughout Australia, as you can appreciate would be a huge list.  For your assistance we have included a link to Australia Post’s web site where you can locate them quite easily.

Locate an Australia Post Office here:

How do we know when you have forwarded our mail?

Every envelope/parcel sent will be consecutively numbered commencing at #1 so you can keep track of their receipt. This will make it easier to locate should there be a problem – such as you leaving the area prior to your mail arriving. If this does happen we will work with you to have the item(s) redirected and reunited.

We are experienced mail processors/handlers so you can rest assured that all care will be taken with your mail and that it is packaged suitably for Australia Post handling requirements.

What sort of postage rate do we pay when you forward our mail?

Our postage objective is to find the best possible rate to forward your mail to you. This means we will find the most economical packaging for the amount of mail we are sending. Only the postage cost and the handling fee are deducted from the “Postage Fund”.

Mail is sent at standard advertised Australia Post rates.

If you need to certify delivery Registered Post is the only other option. This is a more expensive option so please contact us if you require this service.

Australia Post Registered Mail rates are available here:

We do not make any profit from the postage.

What is the Unique Customer Code you refer to?

This is how we identify you personally. Your Unique Customer Code (UCC) will be sent to you when we receive your Registration Form and payment.

It will be:

  • Part of your address when you redirect your mail to our Locked Bag.
  • Known only to you and will be required for identification whenever you deal with us.
  • Included on all Invoices and Statements.
  • Used by us to ensure your mail is identified and stored securely and separately from others’.
How do I know where to redirect my mail?

When we receive your Registration Form and payment we will send you:

  • Our Locked Bag address to redirect your mail to.
  • Your Unique Customer Code (U.C.C.).
  • Receipt for monies received.

Your redirection address would be something like this:

Mr & Mrs I.M.A. Customer
UCC  1234
Locked Bag No. 3077

How do we redirect our mail to you?

All you have to do is lodge a Redirection Order with Australia Post to the address we give you, for the period you are away – the easy way.


Contact anyone who is likely to send you mail such as local authorities, gas/electricity, subscriptions, friends or businesses you deal with – the not so easy way but gives you more say especially if you are away for an extended time or are already on the road.

Inform these people what your new address will be and we will do the rest, guaranteeing peace of mind that you will still receive your mail, wherever you are, through reliable, confidential and helpful people -Your personal postie.... Portmail Redirect!

Australia Post Redirection Applications can be found here:

Can we swap between Service Plans?

Of course you can.

For example you may select the GOLD SERVICE but then find that something comes up where you need to know when a certain article arrives. You can swap to the DIAMOND SERVICE until it arrives then swap back again. You can swap for as long as you like but it must be at least one month (and then in monthly periods) and of course the DIAMOND SERVICE rate applies for that period.

By the same option if you have the DIAMOND SERVICE and find that you are not using the benefits to warrant the outlay, again with one month of notice, you can swap to the GOLD SERVICE and save your money.

When you scan the envelope what information will be shown?

Our DIAMOND SERVICE provides this option.

Upon Registration and payment of costs our DIAMOND SERVICE customers will be required to provide us with an email address to forward communications.

Each envelope we receive will be scanned and attached to an email. It will show the face of the envelope, the date it was received and an item number. Simply 'Reply' to the email, filling in what you want done with each letter on the provided form for our prompt action.

Your email will look something like this:




You might then require something like this – with your possible response shown in red:



What do you mean by scanning the contents?

After receiving authority from you, we will open the required envelope(s) and scan all the necessary pages, front and back and email them to you.  Completely blank pages are not scanned.

You let us know how much you actually want scanned, either the first page only or all the pages.  For example, it may be a telephone bill and rather than pay for all pages to be scanned, you may only want the front page showing the total amount owing to be scanned so you can pay it promptly.  The remainder of the pages you can then read when the original is sent.

If the item is a bound document such as a magazine or book, only the front cover will ever be scanned.

When can we set up our redirection?

Whenever you like.

Both the GOLD and DIAMOND SERVICE can be set up during your planning stage before you leave home or once you are on the road – the choice is yours.

Either way, the actual start date of your Registration period will not commence until we receive the first article of your mail.

For example - You plan on setting out on the 1st of February and set up your Portmail Redirect Registration in mid-January and the period you apply for is six months. Your first letter is received by us on the 25th February. Your Registration commences on 25th February and finishes on 25th August.

We have tried to make our FAQs section as helpful as possible but if we've left out any vital information, please let us know!

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