Pricing plans to suit most travellers


For travellers who simply require their mail while they are away from the regular delivery services of Australia Post.

1 Month $25 + $20 (Postage Fund)*

3 Month $75 + $50 (Postage Fund)*

6 Month $140 + $75 (Postage Fund)*

9 Month $200 + $100 (Postage Fund)*

12 Month $275 + $125 (Postage Fund)*

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Our Gold Service provides the daily collection of your mail and forwarding it to the location of your choice anywhere in Australia, either at a suitable regular timeframe* or you can simply let us know when you want it.

This will depend on where you are and what you are doing at the time! If you have found the ideal spot on the river and miles from care, the last thing you want is us to contact you to tell you that your local council is going to alter the appearance of your Council Rates Notice next year!

All you have to do is contact us by telephone, email or even write to us and tell us where you want us to send your mail. This can either be a specific address Eg. “Site 21 Sunshine Caravan Park” or we can mark it “Poste Restante” (for collection), at any Post Office of your choice throughout Australia.

You will also have the option in the Registration Form to have us remove and recycle the obvious ‘Junk Mail’ ** from your ‘Real Mail’. Otherwise, everything received will be forwarded and we certainly DO NOT OPEN any mail.

* Regular timeframes can be weekly; fortnightly or monthly.
**Junk Mail is defined as mail that is not directly addressed to you.
IE. If does not have your name and/or your address on the article, then it is deemed to be “Junk Mail”.


 For those who want more say in what mail they receive and how, as well as all the features of our Gold Service.

1 Month $35 + $20 (Postage Fund)*

3 Month $105 + $50 (Postage Fund)*

6 Month $195 + $75 (Postage Fund)*

9 Month $290 + $100 (Postage Fund)*

12 Month $385 + $125 (Postage Fund)*

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Our Diamond Service offers the same services as the Gold Service but adds an "Urgent Need" process. This is ideal when you are expecting something important or just want more control and flexibility.


Customers have indicated that a lot of their mail could have waited at home until their return! Our Diamond Service allows you to actually see the mail before making your decision whether you need it sent on. This can mean considerable savings on postage costs.


We will scan the envelope(s) of any mail we receive on your behalf, and send it to you in an email so you can see what it is, the same day we receive it. You can then decide to have us:
1. Forward it with next normal mailing,
2. Forward it ASAP to an address of your choice,
3. Open and scan the letter and send it to in an email, or
4. Security shred the letter.


We will then forward the original with the next batch of mail. If, for whatever reason, we do not hear from you regarding the mail, we will forward everything received as per the Gold Service. We do not open or scan the contents of any mail without your direct instruction.


Scanning your mail


The scanning of the envelopes is part of the Diamond Service and does not incur any extra costs. The costs listed here only apply if you want us to open the letter(s), scan the content and email the scan to you.


Additional cost to scan contents:

First Page: $1.50

Subsequent Pages: $1.00

You are welcome to change between our Gold and Diamond Service depending on your needs.

PortMail for Business


We provide enterprise-grade redirection solutions for high volume clients and businesses.


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